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Sidewalk Labs

Alphabet, Toronto, Canada 2018

307 is the first office and experimental workspace for Sidewalk Toronto (SWT), located in the neighborhood of Quayside. The 307 space acts as a public lab, where visitors can experiment with the various challenges of building a sustainable city. This participatory exhibition was part of a series of interventions to explore urban planning in layman’s terms and generate questions about the city of the future.


What can the city do for you?

Multiple card games invite the public to imagine the city of the future through four different scales: building, street, neighborhood, city.


What’s in a building?

By assembling stackable cards, this game mixes city functions and activities that usually don’t coexist in a single facility. A way to expand people’s current vision of building typologies, and build imaginary housing.


What could the street do for you?

This card game offers to compose algorithmic-like sentences, in order to imagine the impact of technologies on streets in the future, and to promote a less car-centric world.


What do you think?

With the help of little illustrated cards, visitors can vote for their favorite ideas or a contributions from the fellow visitors. 

A project by Daily tous les jours

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