Design Week Headquarters

A giant live-feed illustration

This was the place where Portland’s Design Week came together. Three geodesic domes and a giant walk-through calendar lived in downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square. The installation was a platform for main stage programming and an info-hub to connect people of Portland and the design community.


For seven days the giant walk-through calendar was slowly populated by a daily rotating group of illustrators illustrating bright banners inspired by tweets from the #dwpdx hashtag. The banners were color coded by day, becoming a slow - but live feed that filled the courtyard over the course of the week.

The installation was a bright beacon for the people of central Portland to wander in. The walk-through calendar let visitors know what events were happening around the city. The live-feed banners let people know the lively conversations happening at those events as they happened. Together, they served as an accessible introduction to design week, for those who were otherwise completely unaware or unfamiliar with this growing annual event.