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Hotline Participatory Installation

Instant answers for all your questions about art

For its 75th anniversary, the Walker Art Center wanted to find ways to re-think the way visitors connected with art. Hotline is a phone bank that lets visitors connect to informed people of the art world who are on call to answer any burning questions about art. What makes an artist? What makes good art ‘good’? What is the biggest piece of art in the world? Hotline is a direct connection between the institution choosing and creating the art and the visitors consuming it.


Visitors were able to call a panel of art experts to ask any question about art. Questions and answers were written down and left behind as evidence of the conversations that happened.



Creative Direction

Kelsey Snook


Experience Design

Betsy Lance

Graphic Design

Danielle Fleishman


Michael Tabor

Walker Art Center Coordination

Ashley Duffalo

Portland Art Museum Coordination

Stephanie Parrish

THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who answered every possible random question about art

Justine Andrews

Emma Berg

Florence Brammer

Caroline Casey

Char Coal

Luanne Coleman

Lucy Comer

Barbara Davey

Steve Dietz

Ashley Duffalo

Heather Everhart

Clea Felien

Chris Fischbach

Sunny Floum

Peter Georgas

Sandra Gunderson

Calvin Hafermann

Pablo Helm Hernandez

Laura Holway

Jane Jackson

Deborah Karasov

Mia Lopez

Jonah Lundeen

Laurie Lundeen

Satya Varghese Mac

Awa Mally

RO/LU (Matt Olson)

Jehra Patrick

Reilly Patrick

JP Perkey

Sarah Peters

Maria Robertson

Areca Roe

Joan Rothfuss

George Schouweiler

Susannah Schouweiler

Matt Schufman

Joe Smith

Robert Spikings

Maria Cristina Tavera

Bob Teslow

Ingrid Topp-Johnson

Roslye Ultan

Irene Weinhagen

Levi Weinhagen

Ollie Wollerman

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