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Memorama Street Installation

Postcard service for Aires Libres Street Festival

Memorama was installed in Montreal’s gay village in the summer of 2012, when Sainte-Catherine street is turned into a pedestrian zone for a few months. The street then comes to life and gets filled with numerous terraces, festivals overlooked by an iconic endless ribbon of pink garlands (design by landscape architects Cormier and Associates).


We proposed a series of 4 observation platforms that would give access to hidden landscapes within this colorful setting: a staircase to see above the garlands and one to stand right underneath them, high chairs to overlook the crowds and lounge chairs to lay back, look up to gaze at the sky and garlands.


An integrated camera system framed unique points of views within these landscapes – ones they could have never taken themselves – and allowed people to capture the magic observation moments and create postcards to send to friends.


The pictures were instantaneously made available via on online platform where postcards could easily be found and shared ( Over 40,000 pictures were taken during the summer, thus contributing to spread the incredible energy of the Village to the world – and resulting in a tremendous online photo album showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of its community.

A project with Daily tous les jours

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