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Museum of Possibilities

A pop-up museum for the Quartier des Spectacles

This Museum for one day is a field of balloons that invites visitors to share their dreams and visions in a playful yet actionable poll of public opinion, inspiring people to imagine the possibilities.


Members of the public pick up a piece of paper and write down what they would like to see, do, or who they would like to meet in this space. Extra prompts – ‘at sunset’, ‘by bicycle’ or ‘with the girl of my dreams’ – help visitors imagine scenarios of when, how, and with whom events might happen.


Visitors also receive a set of stickers so they can wander through the possibilities and add votes of approval, collectively choosing the best visions for their shared space.


At the end of the day, suggestions from the public are submitted to the city, and balloons are given to participants. The metal rods are taken back by their supplier to build a chicken coop. And voilà, the possibilities shall live on.

A project with Daily tous les jours

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