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Nanoland Exhibit

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

How do you get people excited about nanotechnology — a field in which nothing can be seen with the human eye?  


Electron microscope manufacturer FEI partnered with OMSI to create an exhibit that would excite visitors about this world their machines allowed scientists to explore. Rather than simply list facts about these complex microscopes, OMSI hired our team to create a participatory and immersive way to approach the topic.

We decided the best way to get visitors excited about nanotechnology was to invite them into this wonderful and bizarre world. Everyone who entered the exhibit had to imaginatively "shrink down" in order to walk through the human body, a geothermal pool, and a metal alloy at nano scale. In each landscape, visitors accomplished tasks based on information gathered from scientists using FEI's microscopes.


This was a hugely collaborative, interdisciplinary process. Our small team did everything from interviewing scientists, to developing the concept for the exhibit, to delivering floor plans and drawings to the OMSI fabrication team. 



Creative Direction

Kelsey Snook

Graphic & Experience Design Betsy Lance


Environment Design

Laurence Sarrazin



Will Bryant


Copywriting and Content Development

Christy Peterson



Michelle Swinehart


Exhibit Coordination

Timothy Hecox



Martha Schnitler

Ada Hays



To our nano scientists and experts!

Danielle Jorgens, Research Assistant Professor, Multiscale Microscopy Core, Oregon Health & Science University


Claudia Lopez, Ph.D., director of the Multiscale Microscopy Core, Oregon Health & Science University


Kurt Langworthy and Josh Razink, CAMCOR Nanofabrication and Imaging Facility in Eugene


Bill Wood, professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Portland State University


Kenneth Stedman, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Center for Life in Extreme Environments, Portland State University




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