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The Bernstein Project

Southbank Centre, London

How to sustain public interest in an event which takes place behind the scenes and lasts 10 months?


The Bernstein Project, directed by former protégé Marin Alsop required an open invitation to the public and broadcast platform for the ten-month celebration of conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein. Ongoing rehearsals with hundreds of professional and non-professional music partners lead up to a series of live performances.


This information hub provided an introduction to the project and the man. A freestanding wall with windows embedded with infrared sensors let people find a quiet space, in a well trafficked area, to listen to snippets of rehearsals, soundtracks and interviews. Audio and video tables offered a more in-depth chance to learn more about the project and opportunities to participate among the many national choirs in the performance series. 



Creative Direction

Kelsey Snook


Physical Design

Suzanne O’Connell


Creative & Sound Technician

John Nussey



Hillary Cottam

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