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Water Journey

Urban product line for Vortex

Inspired by a flowing stream, Water Journey is a set of game modules that connect to create a giant chain reaction of play. This product line was created for Vortex, a worldwide high-end manufacturer of aquatic play solutions. They commissioned us to reinvent the traditional Splashpad, a zero-depth aquatic playground, as a new multi-generational play area for public spaces.


Water runs through channels and pools in which the users can play and interact with a range of props (gates, strainers, watermills, draw bridges, pumps and jets) to modify the flow. The system includes four modules: Boat Race, Jet Choreographies, Labyrinth and Pebbled Tide Pool.


The resulting family of products is a modular system embedded in the ground to form the topography of a hydrologic network. Like theTangram Chinese puzzle, modules can be connected together to create multiple layouts according to site needs and constraints.


The most important aspect of Water Journeys is its ability to create connections between people, as the action of one participant impacts that of another further down the stream. The interaction is enhanced by the collaboration between users and encourages socialization – thus creating a shared collective experience for everyone.

A project with Daily tous les jours

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